Swissquote becomes first Luxembourg Bank to offer depositary services to digital asset investment funds

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January 18, 2023

Swissquote Bank Europe has received regulatory approval from the CSSF to act as Depositary Bank for Luxembourg-domiciled funds. As a Depositary Bank and regulated VASP, Swissquote will be the first credit institution entitled to serve Luxembourg-domiciled digital asset investment funds.

As part of its development strategy and expansion into institutional and B2B markets, the bank, established in Luxembourg since 2001, has now obtained regulatory approval to act as depositary for UCITS and AIF funds.

Early in 2022, Swissquote Bank Europe, Luxembourg’s leading online bank for investors, announced its plan to develop its range of B2B services in order to strengthen its presence in European markets by offering multi-asset brokerage and banking services to institutional investors, asset managers and wealth managers, out of its homebase in the Luxembourg financial centre.

“The acquisition of Keytrade Bank Luxembourg in 2022 transformed Swissquote Bank Europe into the de facto leader in digital investing services in Luxembourg. It accelerated our ability to offer our services, not only to individual clients, but also to institutional ones, directly via our trading accounts, or with the added protection of insurance wrappers offered by the Luxembourg insurance sector,” said Dave Sparvell, CEO of Swissquote Bank Europe.

“With the newly obtained regulatory approval, Swissquote Bank Europe presents a unique proposition to regulated funds in Luxembourg by offering a full range of services covering the entire asset management value chain: from trading platforms, execution, to custody (including securities lending and digital assets) and depositary banking, constantly striving to provide the latest innovative technologies to achieve superior trading performance for its clients at a lower overall total expense ratio,” added Dave Sparvell.

Swissquote’s state-of-the-art technological platform offers a multi-currency investment account with real- time access to one of the largest ranges of tradeable instruments across multiple asset classes including international stocks, ETFs, funds, options and futures, structured products, spot & forward FX, commodities and CFDs, credit lombard facilities, digital assets, treasury and money-market products and physical gold, all with the convenience of web and mobile platforms and the support of a client servicing team based in Luxembourg.

Through its professional platform, Swissquote also offers to Asset Managers and Wealth Managers a simple and efficient way to manage discretionary mandates with differentiated portfolio strategies by defining portfolio models. Portfolio managers can focus on their asset allocation, and implement their strategy through the execution of bulk trades on their clients’ accounts, thus removing some of the usual operational burden and overhead. Other services include leading liquidity solutions for eForex, Cryptocurrencies as well as advanced trading connectivity and White Label capabilities.

Swissquote remains at the forefront of technology by continuously developing its proprietary platforms with the addition of new products, services, analysis tools and APIs, which now include information on the ecological, environmental and governance impact of a large number of publicly-listed companies. Portfolio managers can now meet more of their ESG requirements by taking into account this third dimension – after performance and risk – of portfolio management.

Swissquote Bank Europe will be hosting the Swissquote Investment Day 2023 in Luxembourg on 19th January, an investment event for both institutional and personal investors.

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