iM Global Partner launches new dividend growth fund active ETF with Berkshire Asset Management (BDVG)

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June 29, 2023

iM Global Partner (iMGP) and its Partner Berkshire Asset Management (BAM) will launch a new dividend growth exchange traded fund (ETF) on the New York Stock Exchange on June 30.

The iMGP Berkshire Dividend Growth Equity ETF (BDVG) is an active, fully transparent ETF that seeks to achieve its objective by investing in dividend-paying equity securities, with an emphasis on stocks that have a strong track record of paying dividends or that are expected to increase their dividends over time.

This new ETF will leverage the same dividend growth investment strategy that BAM has managed in a separate account format for the past 14 years for high net worth and institutional investors in the US. This Separately Managed Account (SMA) has an investment universe that is predominantly U.S. large-cap stocks. BDVG is a clone of this SMA and both are managed by the same team, using the same investment process and philosophy.

Berkshire’s investment philosophy is centered around buying high-quality, undervalued companies and holding them for a long period of time. They firmly believe that a company’s dividend yield and history of growing dividends are a byproduct of strong business fundamentals.

“Our investment approach is focused around evaluating the current dividend but also takes into consideration the overall quality of the business and its future prospects” said Gerard Mihalick, Portfolio Manager and Partner at BAM. “We don’t simply rely on historical dividend screens. We have a very rigorous approach that evaluates a company’s value and potential for future dividend growth. We conduct our analysis as if we were going to acquire the entire company. This is what we believe gives us an edge over other strategies and believe it’s a commonsense approach to investing.

“We are launching this new ETF thanks to an increasing number of advisors and clients asking to access the Berkshire Asset Management Dividend Growth Equity Strategy in an ETF format”, shared Jeff Seeley, Deputy CEO – CEO of iM Global Partner Fund Management. “We are happy to be able to extend another one of our Partner’s flagship products into an additional investment vehicle so that more clients and advisors can access BAM’s long standing investment strategy. We are delighted to have BDVG as the latest addition to our growing ETF platform that is now comprised of four ETFs sub-advised by three of our iMGP Partners”.

About iM Global Partner

iM Global Partner is an asset manager with a difference. We are a dynamic network of specialist boutique investment managers, delivering best-in-class solutions, across asset classes, to our discerning Institutional and Professional Investors across the globe. We are proud to call these businesses our Partners and they are the essence of what iM Global Partner stands for: uncovering what we believe to be the best, the very best investment talent. We had around USD $37 billion of assets under management as of end May 2023.

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About Berkshire Asset Management

Berkshire is a fee-based, SEC registered advisory firm serving the portfolio management needs of high net worth and institutional clients. Our guiding principle is a belief that success can be achieved by combining rigorous, well-crafted investment processes with an exceptional level of client service and attention to detail. Berkshire Asset Management, Inc. was formed in 1986 as a SEC registered investment adviser. It had more than USD $4.2 billion in assets under advisement as of end May 2023.

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