Vicky Prayagsing Joins Vistra Luxembourg as Executive Director - Head of Private Assets

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July 13, 2023
Luxembourg-based alternative funds administration firm, Vistra, is excited to announce the appointment of Vicky Prayagsing as its new Executive Director and Head of Private Assets. With his extensive knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for the field, Prayagsing is set to make a significant impact on the organization.

Having previously held similar leadership roles at renowned organizations such as Societe Generale, Deutsche Bank, and Kneip, Prayagsing brings a wealth of expertise in fund operations to his new position. Over his impressive 20-year career in the financial sector, he has consistently delivered successful results in fund processing and operations. In his new role at Vistra, Prayagsing will assume responsibility for managing the firm's alternative funds administration business and overseeing strategic initiatives related to the client portfolio. This key appointment further solidifies Vistra's position as a leader in the alternative funds administration industry.

Jervis Smith, the Country Managing Director of Vistra Luxembourg, expresses confidence in Prayagsing's ability to drive the company forward: "We are eagerly anticipating the positive impact that Vicky will have in his new role and believe that his exceptional expertise and leadership will contribute to our continued success as an industry leader." Amel Marzoug, Head of Marketing Europe at Vistra, echoes the sentiment, stating, "Vistra Luxembourg takes great pride in welcoming Gyanandsing Prayagsing (Vicky) as the new Executive Director and Head of Private Assets."

With the addition of Vicky Prayagsing to its leadership team, Vistra Luxembourg is poised to leverage his skills and experience to enhance its private assets administration services. The firm looks forward to the bright future ahead, as Prayagsing spearheads strategic growth initiatives and ensures that Vistra maintains its position at the forefront of the industry.

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