Daniele Antonucci Appointed Co-Head of Investment and Chief Investment Officer at Quintet Private Bank

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July 13, 2023

Quintet Private Bank, a Luxembourg-based financial institution, has appointed Daniele Antonucci as Co-Head of Investment and Chief Investment Officer. Antonucci himself announced the news on his LinkedIn page earlier this week.

Operating from London, Daniele Antonucci will be responsible for overseeing the bank's investment strategy, which plays a crucial role in portfolio composition. In addition to his primary functions, he will chair the Chief Strategist Network, a vital platform for communicating Quintet's perspective on the economy and financial markets to both clients and the media.

Prior to joining Quintet in 2020 as Chief Economist and Macro Strategist, Daniele Antonucci served as the Chief Economist for the Eurozone at Morgan Stanley. He has also held positions at Merrill Lynch and Moody's Analytics, as stated in his LinkedIn profile.

Antonucci is also a member of the Advisory Board to the European Central Bank, where economists from both academia and the private sector engage in discussions.

Expressing his excitement about the new role, Daniele Antonucci shared the following update on his Linkedin page: "I'm happy to share that I'm starting a new position as Co-Head of Investment & Chief Investment Officer at Quintet Private Bank!"

Currently, Antonucci holds the position of Managing Director and Chief Economist & Macro Strategist at Quintet Private Bank. Based in London, he is a member of the Asset Allocation Committee and also chairs the Investment Forum.

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